Faith binds us together. Our passion in Arts and creativity play a large role in making this page. Before I carry on telling you how we end up making vlogs/blogs, let me give you a little background about us individually. Roland is into music production and I’m an artist.

Roland is an aspiring EDM Musician from Italy. He moved to London at the very young age to pursue his dream. He has invested plenty of time producing and mixing song tracks using ProTools. His heart is in music production and film making at the same time. In the past, he collaborated with quite a few talents in producing EDM music. Through out the years, he dedicated his time making music and made numerous success. His passion brought so much joy into his life and will always be part of him. You will be hearing some of his songs in our Vlogs so watch out for it. Follow his instagram account here https://www.instagram.com/goldnhour/. Roland is also very creative. He makes kokeshi dolls and furnitures flawlessly out of woods. Travelling is also one of the things he enjoyed. He has been places around Europe and now decided to explore Asia. 

My name is Alma from the Philippines. I have been away from home for 13 years. Growing up,I always like adventure and trying something new. Got an artist flares in me too. I love acrylic and charcoal paintings, handcrafts or anything artistic really. You'll be able see my work on my personal social accounts tip_on_art. At HongKong, I landed in designing handmade cards as my extended job. Those days were really fun and very fulfilling. Photography has been my passion for sometime too. Few years back, I used to managed my own photo-studio business shop. We carried out services like editorial photoshoots, wedding coverage and others. I love capturing moments of joy in every occasion. London has been my home for 6 years now. With Asian background and being based in Europe, I intend to capture the beauty within these places and share it with you.

OUR MISSION is to make you want to jump out of your seat and hop on the next flight out to anywhere. We aim to share every flavours along the way. We promise to deliver inspiring photos and wondrous bright aerial video coverage in every destination, so stay here with us.