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BEST RELAXING RESORT IN PANGASINAN PHILIPPINES! If your looking for an intimate, quiet, relaxing and world class get away holiday, then this is for you.

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To many, the province of Pangasinan isn't worth enough to visit. Well, let me show some gems and wonders I recently bumped into and this will surely change your mind. Surprisingly, there’s a lot you can do in Pangasinan to make your visit worthwhile. Like other places in the Philippines, resorts and hotels are scattered everywhere in Pangasinan. They mostly offered the same facilities with reasonable rates, however, venues like these aren’t the right locations for people looking for an intimate, quiet, relaxing and world class get away holiday. If you’re looking for such a place, don’t be dismayed. Let me take you in a place that will heal your soul from the busy world we live in. 

In Bani, Pangasinan you will find Oldwoods By The Sea Nature Resort , a secluded place set in the mountain. You can reach the resort in 5 hours drive or 7 hours bus transport from Manila. I know it’s a long way to get there but it’s worth it. That exactly how my family felt when we finally arrived at the resort. At Poblacion Bani, make sure you turn right after Municipal Hall. Don’t use Waze  when you reach the town nor ask the locals for direction otherwise you’ll  end up on a very long tiring rough road. Sadly, that's what happened to us. We can’t stop complaining while trap on it, why on earth would they built a resort in the middle of nowhere, and let their guests suffered on that isolated rough roads I asked. Let me tell you the truth, we followed the wrong road suggested by the locals which is not the easiest and not really the right way. To avoid this, please refer to their website for further instructions, click the link . You can also contact them on their Facebook page. They respond quickly to any queries you need. 

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It was Lunch time when we arrived at the resort. Our faces lit up as our eyes slowly captured the stunning beauty before us, shades of green are popping in every corner of the resorts. Their homely welcome hall and their friendly staffs were so ready to welcome us. They made us all feel so special.

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As I look around, I smiled in silent knowing I made the right decision in choosing this resort for my family and friends holiday destination. 


Oh yes, it’s lunchtime! Fancy some Ilocano treats? Traditional dishes will be served in variety exclusively prepared at their own kitchen. You should try their dalandan fruit drinks and coconut juice freshly harvested from a tree. Their signature dish may be pakbet ilocano,  but there’s more to try in northern state, including Fish Sinigang, Longganisa Bani, Daing na Bangus, Pork Tocino, Papaya Atchara, Inihaw na Talong, Chicken Binakol ,Adobong Baboy, Tinonong Tuna and more. See this MENU list.

Let me give you a tour in our chosen Loft Villa accommodation for the night. The house is a 2-storey open plan space. It can accommodate 10 people or maybe more. It has 2 double beds upstairs with it’s own toilet and basin. If you're feeling warm and needed a little bit of air to freshen up, don’t hesitate to use the fan available for you. To be honest, you don’t really need a fan because the cooling air coming from the windows are just enough to freshen you up. The best thing about the windows are fixed with mosquito nets, nothing to worry about mosquitos or any other insects while relaxing or sleeping. Always wear mosquito repellent for outdoor protection. In the main landing ground, there’s another bedroom with it’s own hot and cold shower and a bath tub. The room has 2 double beds. On the right side of the room there’s an open glass door that leads to a private pretty balcony all for your private relaxing moment. If you need another 2 extra single beds, you won’t be disappointed as it is also provided. There’s another wash room in the main lounge. The best thing about this villa is quite spacious, with 10 or more people in the house, you can still walk around freely. 

I was so grateful being able to stay in this calming adventure. Road tripping like this give me plenty of time to soak up the deep peace of the jewel-green forest of the resort. Tallest Mango trees are standing strong protecting us from  the blazing heat of the sun. The greenery surrounding the area brought us freshness all day, the cooling effect makes it more soothing in the evening. Have a look on this picture below;

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Do you want to go for a swim? The resort’s family friendly swimming pool will not let you down. You can read a book by the pool or jump in to enjoy. The jacuzzi pool is not my favourite I must say, but it's kid's favourite, that's all that matters I guess.

In the evening, I was so thrilled to meet the owner of the resort former Mayor of Bani Marcel Navarro and Dr Beth Navarro. I was fascinated how it’s all started especially hearing it all directly from the owners . Please refer to the video to hear it all . They were so kind and very accommodating couple, so soft spoken. Still clear in my head when they voluntarily offered me a tour around the resorts. The villas were widely open like a show before me, I was having a great time while listening intently with their untold stories on how the project came to it’s completion. Their success is the reward of their kindness and love for people and nature. Let me say it, Dr Beth Navarro looks so stunning as well.


I must mention, No INTERNET in the house which is amazing, you can truly bond here with your family. . You might say, ‘What, seriously?’ Yes, let me say it again, there is NO INTERNET at the resort. Well, personally it's actually really great. In the world full of technology, we needed places like this to revive sanity. It pushes us to be more creative, to be more engaging and get involved with real life. Connecting with nature makes us feel so much in balance, it clears our head without distraction. For this reason, I really hope they will keep this resort as it is.  No to Wi-FI. 

See the beauty of OLDWOODS BY THE SEA NATURE RESORT in the evening with it’s romantic atmosphere, this place is perfect for weddings and any other events. There's two available pavilion at the garden area, great location for any big celebration. They are currently offering full packages for wedding and big events. Don't hesitate to send them an email for any queries.

You may wonder, are they offering any other activities? Oh yes they do. Here are some of the activities you can enjoy;

  • Island hopping (Inclusive of boat transfers to Polipol Island, Surip Beach, Fabrica Beach and Patar Beach)
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming
  • Cliff diving
  • Cave adventure with transfer to Nalsoc cave (includes a tour guide, entrance fee, and safety gear)

We managed to do island hopping in the morning. We were shocked to see how tiny our boat is. With a little courage, we managed to overcome our fear. I must say, the boat felt very secured and sturdy. So our first destination is Patar, Bolinao beach. We had a great time swimming with the locals. I bought a pair of real pearls for gifts. We trooped in barefoot from the semi-white sand without ever feeling out of place. The sea itself is so clear and clean. On our way back to the resort,  we decided to stop in one of the island called Polipol. It wasn’t the best stop over to be honest, not the best beach either however, it gives you the feeling of being lost in an isolated island with it's white sand kissing the sea. 

As the day ends, we were so energised and satisfied sadly we have to leave the resort. We wanted to stay a bit longer, but we have to rearrange it for some other time. Our stay in Oldwoods by the Sea Resort, is one of the best holidays I truly enjoyed. I will recommend it to anybody, especially to those like minded people craving for a calming holiday with love of nature. If you are considering to run away from your busy working routine and wanting a relaxing get away weekend, then this is for you.