Battersea park continues to showcase some of the best things to do with friends and family. There's so much going on around the park that will keep you busy and entertain for the day, loads of activities for kids from banana cycling experience to grand challenge up above the treetops. I listed  five activities for you to choose from;



Children including adult will surely love this. There's a lot of cycles to choose from, suited for each individual according to their height and availability. The minimum hire is an hour and can be extended. Make sure you bring an ID because you will be needing this as a deposit, this will be kept throughout the hire. Booking in advance is possible.

Parking: For nearest parking enter at Chelsea Bridge Gate.

Check their site for bike types and options:



Yes you can hire a rowing or pedal boat in Battersea park! Each boat can hold up 5 persons. The Boating Lake is open during school holidays, public holidays and all weekends between Easter and the end of September.


Adult £6 for half an hour - £8 for an hour

Child (under 15)£3 for half an hour - £4 for an hour

Family (2 adults + 2 children)£15 half an hour - £20 for an hour

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Chelsea Bridge Gate
SW11 4NJ


Adult £9.50

Children (2 to 15 years) £7.50

Under 2 Free

Family (2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children) £31

Seniors (Over 60) £8.50

Registered disabled adult £8.50

Registered disabled Child (1 designated carer free) £6.50

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

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 4. GO APE

This is surely an action packed high ropes expedition ideal for adults and junior ones. Full combination of zips, zigzag bridge, and fisherman's net are just a few obstacles to mention. Either you take on the challenge with shaky knees and courageous spirit, this will test your endurance. The 231 metres long to 6 metres high may sound pretty easy for you, don't be dismayed a total of 730 metres length sure challenge your adrenaline. You’ll be fully immersed in the pursuit to conquer some of the longest and highest crossings for a full 2-3 hour.


Tree Top Adventure

                              (10-15 yrs)  £28

                              (16+        )  £36

Tree Top Junior

                              All Ages  £21

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 5. Secret garden feat. OLD ENGLISH GARDEN

This garden is no doubt the so called hidden gem in the heart of Battersea park. When you open that wooden english type gate, an open little cozy isolated mini garden will lit your eyes. Well manicured bushes, wild unknown leafy plants are scattered everywhere. Few benches are in every corner, good enough for a moment of relaxation away from the crowd. Make sure you bring your books to read when you plan a visit. What interest me the most is the wisteria clusters hanging down and sway beautifully against the wind. Wisterias are beautiful twining climbers with beautifully scented flowers in shades of white, blue, purple and pink. There's a beautiful relaxing fountain in the middle of the garden, I think this is a fantastic idea, it really makes the garden feel royal.


Battersea Park
                SW11 4NJ

Opening Times: 

  • Opening times: 8am until dusk
  • Access to park facilities: park gates open 6.30am to 10.30pm

Off-street car park charges: 

Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm (including Public and Bank Holidays)

  • Up to one hour - £2.70
  • Up to two hours - £5.40
  • Up to three hours - £8.10
  • Up to four hours - £10.80
  • Up to five hours - £13.50
  • Up to six hours - £16.20
  • More than six hours - £25.00

Saturday and Sunday - 9am to 5pm (including Public and Bank Holidays)

  • Up to three hours - £2.70
  • Over three hours  - £5.40


Battersea Park rail

Wander around Battersea park, you'll discover places you never been!