Things to know before moving to London. Life in London


There's a point in our lives when we just want a CHANGE, either with work, habits or just really wanting to clear your head by moving elsewhere. 

LONDON, your chosen city. 

So are you planning to move to London? or probably be moving soon! 

Allow me to share some heads up. Let me start by saying, London is chaotic, everyone always on a rush, very busy, people are unfriendly, the weather is sooooo miserable, and lifestyle is so expensive. Did I scare you? Don't be... It's good to know what to expect, don't you think?

It's funny though that it feels as if it's a city where any dream is possible. 

Before moving to London 6 years ago, I only have this idea that London is the best city in the world. I was craving for some English culture adventure and thirsty of life experiences in a foreign land. Few years later, I still like London, not love as much as I used to. However, this city built my character and made me more appreciative in each one's culture. Why did I say that? Well... London is regarded as the world's cultural capital. It is the world's most-visited city as measured by international arrivals. It's an international city that draws people from around the world looking for work in hope of a better financial stability, adventure, and for something different. 

Here are some helpful tips to help you out.


Central Area Flats;

  • Furnished 1 bedroom flat £1500 - £1900 per month
  • Unfurnished 1 bedroom flat £1250-1500 per month
  • 1 room in a Flatshare/ Houseshare – £400 - £900 per month 

Plus Bills on top;

  • Council Tax £100 pm ( you might not need to pay this money with private landlords )
  • Energy ( Electricity and Gas ) £50 in summer. This could go up in winter to £100.
  • Water £20
  • Wifi £30++ in 3-4 people houseshare. You may have to pay £12 to share the cost.


Live as centrally as possible. Living centrally will minimised your time on public transport and also enable you to enjoy the best of what London has to offer. 

If you move outside the city it's true that rent are cheaper but be prepared to pay around £300 each month for commuting into central.


Being wise in handling your money is what you need to survive in London. Budgeting your groceries properly can help you save up. There's alot of grocery shops around, be careful, most of these shops are way more expensive like for example, Waitrose are really expensive, while Sainsbury's are a bit cheaper. But If you want to save up I suggest that you get what you need in Asda or Lidl. You can get more value in your money.  You can still shop in public markets located in every borough at a very cheap price.


  • Milk (2liter) - £1.35
  • Organic 6 medium free range eggs - £2.43 
  •  4 British beef burgers - £4.25


  • Milk (2liter) - £1.30
  • Organic 6 medium free range eggs - £1.50

  • 4 Beef Burgers - £3.50


  • Milk - £0.80p

  • 6 Organic Eggs - £1.29

  • 4 Beef Burgers £2.80


Before you move to London, find out whether you need need a visa. Click details

You must also register for a National Insurance number as soon as you start working.

Self-employed must keep records of their earnings and expenditure and fill in an annual tax return. Check details at


Majority of UK workers are entitled to a minimum wage. You are qualified regardless of whether your work is permanent or on contract, part-time or full-time, at your employer's premises. There are, however, certain exclusions such as au pairs and some apprentices.


All employees in the UK are required to pay income tax on their earnings and any pensions. If you signed an employment contract, tax will be deducted automatically from your salary.


Get out and make the most of the museums in London. The Museum of London, the Science Museum, the British History Museum, the Natural History Museum, and the Galleries are all free. Get your fill of British history without spending!


The hire bike system is inexpensive, and the best way to get around London. 


Newcomers to London will tell you that the first year is tough but don't let it get in you. You will be just fine. And one day, you will look back and feel glad that you gave it a go. 

If you’re already decided in moving to London and need some help setting up, make sure you consider signing up on Kickstarter package.